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Voted “best seed company” in the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, and we have earned 6 more awards in the following years.
Most of our initial stock of genetics came through the wonderful growers at Positronics, Hollands first grow shop selling seeds, owned and run by Wernard Bruining.
Jaap, te owner and driving force behind the Homegrown Fantaseeds did not hesitate when offered to take over Positronics genetic library, a chance to not only work with the strains that have had such an impact within the Cannabis community, but also a chance to start breeding projects with these outstanding genetics.
Now a little more than 10 years later we do not only offer the original classic strains from the 1980’s like the Mango, Top44 and the Super Crystal to name but a few, but we also have created numerous award winning hybrids based on this genepool combined with popular genetics collected in the past ten years.
In 2004 Homegrown Fantaseeds introduced the Cheese strain to the world by entering and winning a Cannabis Cup for this strain.
The Blue Haze ( Blueberry X Haze ) became an easy victory during the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, walking away with the 1st place for best Sativa strain leaving Soma’s NYC-Diesel far behind on a third place.
Another popular new hybrid we offer is called “the Genie of the Lamp”, this is a hybrid strain of the NYC-Diesel crossed with our biggest flowering Big Bud.
The Genie of the Lamp is not only as sweet and sour as the original Diesel but now also packed with a quicker finishing time and a massive yield to boost your stash.
We will keep on experimenting within our ever expanding genepool, and will continue to offer you the healthiest seeds that can potentially grow exactly that what you desire, tasty and potent buds.



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Afghani Seed Bank: Homegrown Fantaseeds Genetics: Indica Afghanistan is well known for its high quality hashish, but it is also the homeland to some of the world’s more potent types of Cannabis from

Amazing Haze

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Amazing Haze Seed Bank: Homegrown Fantaseeds Genetics: Sativa Rich flavours in combination with an extremely strong high made the amazing Haze an instant success in the Homegrown Fantasy after her fir


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Armageddon Seed Bank: Homegrown Fantaseeds Genetics: Sativa/Indica This sativa influenced strain has the body of an Indica with the typical Sativa high effects. Armageddon produces big, heavy flowers


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K2 Seed Bank: Homegrown Fantaseeds Genetics: Sativa/Indica The most beautiful outdoor variety from Homegrown Fantaseeds. K2 is another strain from the Hindu Kush family, this time crossed with a White