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Since its beginning T.H.Seeds® has been on the cutting edge of the New School Canabis Genetics. Born at a time when almost everything in Amsterdam was a mix of Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva in various proportions, T.H. Seeds® has worked long and hard to bring new stable varieties onto the market. T.H.Seeds® was the seed company responsible for bringing the Original Bubblegum™ from the States, and was the first to sell the Bubblegum™ seeds (see New York Times, Feb. 1994). These Bubble Gum™ genetics helped numerous Coffeeshops win many High Times Cannabis Cups over the years.

Following the Bubble Gum™, T.H.Seeds® brought the S.A.G.E. ™(Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium™) from the high mountains of central California to Holland. Named "S.A.G.E."™ because of its distinctive spicy smell and taste, this plant's Haze-y flavor and high will fool you into thinking it is a pure Haze variety. But when you grow it you will not experience the low yields of all other Haze varieties. The large yields you get come from the Afghani side, but without overpowering this plant's superior Haze flavor. For two years the THC percentage of the 50 varieties entered by all the coffeeshops and seed companies entered in the High Times Cannabis Cup was established. The S.A.G.E.™ scored 3rd(1998), and 2nd(1999) highest THC with over 20%. Both years this THC ranking was higher then any of the Coffeeshop or Seed Company Cannabis Cup winners! And the one year (1999) the S.A.G.E.™ water hash was entered in the Cannabis Cup it won again. At the 2014 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam all the entries were tested again and S.A.G.E. scored a whopping 25.06% THC.



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A-Train Seed Bank: T.H.Seeds Genetics: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica Origins: Trainwreck x Mazar I Sharif Flowering: 55-60 days Height: 54-60 inches Yield: 250-350g per square meter This hybrid is a result

Burmese Kush

Posted 07 years 06 months 28 days 14 hours 23 minutes ago. 456
Burmese Kush T.H.Seeds Indica 60 / Sativa 40 Origins: Burmese Kush x OG Kush Flowering: 50-56 days Harvest: late September Burmese Kush draws from old-world genetics, a dark green sativa–indica hybr

Chocolate Chunk

Posted 07 years 06 months 28 days 14 hours 22 minutes ago. 363
Chocolate Chunk Seed Bank: T.H. Seeds Genetics: Indica Chocolate Chunk is real candy! With a definitive Kush bottom this pure Indica will melt in your mouth and stick to your hands.

Dark Star

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Dark Star T.H.Seeds Indica Origins: Purple Kush x Mazar-I-Sharif Flowering: 65-70 days Strictly speaking, a “dark star” is a term for the celestial object that, due to its immense mass, traps ligh


Posted 07 years 06 months 28 days 14 hours 22 minutes ago. 431
Darkstar Seed Bank: T.H. Seeds Genetics: Indica dominant

Heavy Duty Fruity

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Heavy Duty Fruity T.H.Seeds Sativa 60 / Indica 40 Origins: Killing Garberville x Seattle Big Bud x Mendocino Hash Plant Flowering: 60-63 days Harvest: mid October Heavy Duty Fruity has a major kick, w


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Kushage T.H.Seeds Sativa 60 / Indica 40 Origins: OG Kush x S.A.G.E. Flowering: 75 days Harvest: mid November The parentage of Kushage, OG Kush x S.A.G.E., symbolizes a new era: old-school haze flavors

MK Ultra

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MK Ultra T.H.Seeds Indica Origins: Los Angeles Kush x G-13 Flowering: 53-55 days Harvest: late September Named for the notorious LSD brainwashing experiments conducted by the CIA and the Canadian poli


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S.A.G.E. T.H.Seeds Hybrid Origins: Big Sur Holy x Afghani indica Flowering: 70-85 days Harvest: mid November SAGE stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, but also describes the aroma of this in

Sage ‘n Sour

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Sage ‘n Sour T.H. Seeds Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1 75% Sativa / 25% Indica Genetics: S.A.G.E. x Sour Diesel Flowering: 63-70 days Harvest: early October THC: 18% Based in the Netherl

The Third Dimension

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The Third Dimension TGA Seeds Sativa 70 / Indica 30 Origins: Apollo 13 x Jack the Ripper Flowering: 52-70 days Harvest: mid September In this sativa-dominant variety, breeder Subcool brings together t