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Enterprise Seeds
Genetics: Skunk x Northern Lights
Flowering: 42-50 days
Harvest: late September
americanoAmericano is a strain that was designed specifically for the American buyers who came to Vancouver looking to purchase marijuana in bulk. Enterprise Seeds crossed two very well known North American strains, Skunk and Northern Lights, to make this full indica variety.
Some of Americano’s traits that make it such a great choice for commercial grows are the density of its buds and a short flowering period. While it canbe grown both indoors and out, Americano does best in indoor hydroponic gardens. When using aggressive nutrient formulas, growers can harvest this plant after as little as 6 weeks of flowering.
When smoking Americano, excpet a full indica stone that will make you feel heavy and may result in some couch lock. Flushing at the end of the flowering cycle will bring out a little more flavor, but generally, Americano has a somewhat subtle Skunk smell and taste.