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Ministry of Cannabis
S40 / I30 / R30
Origins: Sativa dominant Ruderalis x Indica dominant Ruderalis
Flowering: 42-45 days
angelmaticThere has been a quest in recent years to tease out the autoflowering characteristic from the Russian-born ruderalis variant of cannabis. Autoflowering liberates growers from a strict light schedule; however, ruderalis has a reputation for otherwise mediocre qualities. The artful breeder must coax out the autoflowering trait while maintaining the connosseur elements from the sativa and indica strains. Ministry of Cannabis began their quest for a high quality autoflowering plant with the Little Angel variety. They have continued this program with the Angelmatic strain, and evolution of Little Angel.
Angelmatic improves on the stability and size of its ruderalis-cross predecessor, with a slightly larger size and better harvest. Ruderalis has been crossed into both sides of Angelmatic’s family tree. The mother is a sativa-indica-ruderalis hybrid with sativa dominance from regions in south Russia and Europe. The father is also a three-way hybrid, but is half indica. The resulting cross is a bonsai strain that autoflowers and finishes from seed to harvest in roughly 60 days.
Angelmatic is compact with light green cone buds dressed in frosty white resin. The leaves are medium green with a structure that balances the hybrid influences. This plant has moderate branching that extends in a vertical rather than horizontal direction. Angelmatic’s main stem is generally double the size of the side branches, lending itself to a sea of green approach. It can be pruned to the main branch and deliver good chunky buds from its sturdy stem.
As a fast growing, compact plant, Angelmatic has vitality and shows resistance to pests that will be appreciated indoors or out. Ministry recommends cultivating Angelmatic in soil with a generous supplement of nitrogen in its feeding regimen. Outdoors, this plant still prefers a temperate climate. With good light and normal temperatures, the buds form well, but if basic growing conditions arent met, these dwarf-sized plant will produce buds that are skimpy and loose, reducing yields. Each plant can produce about an ounce indoors and two ounces outdoors, with possible yields up to 3.5 ounces (100 grams) in full summer with a temperate climate.
The Angelmatic aroma is a sweet mix of flowers and candy, and the flavor follows suit but adds a nice contrast of sourness in the aftertaste. The effect is active and friendly, and comes on slowly, taking a few minutes to fully register. This is a social high, better for mellow activities than focused concentration. Enjoy it with others over dinner, games, or just hanging out.