Arcata Lemonwreck

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Arcata Lemonwreck
The Rev
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Genetics: Humboldt Trainwreck x Lemon Afghani
Flowering: 10 weeks
Harvest: October
arcata-lemonwreckThe Rev, based in the USA, is a grower passionate about two things: organic pot grown with his True Living Organics method, and cultivating the best strains possible. The fantastically named Arcata Lemonwreck was given to him in Northern California, and touted as a cross between Humboldt Trainwreck and Lemon Aghani – though he believes it is more likely a Humboldt Trainwreck plant that’s mutated along the way.
This strain is currently clone-only and as such, isn’t very tolerant to stress. She should be kept out of high heat and will need a lot of TLC in flowering, when you should pay attention to her calcium levels. She’ll grow to around 4 feet indoors and will need structural support to hold her buds in flowering – and you need to watch out for her turning hermie if she’s been under pressure! Unless you’re growing in California or an area very much like it, you should probably grow this strain indoors. The Rev recommends that you use an organic soil grow to get the best from your bud. You should get 30 grams of bud per gallon of soil mix used.
After a 30-day curing period, Lemonwreck buds have a lemony taste and smell. It’s hard to hold this in a bong due to the massive expansion in the lungs, but after it hits and you’re stoned as hell, you won’t even remember what a bong is.

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