Blue Moonshine

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Blue Moonshine
DJ Short Seeds
Origins: Highland Thai x Afghan Indica
Flowering: 45-55 days
Harvest: late September
blue-moonshineThe name Blue Moonshine originated in a dream. The variety that inherited this dream-inspired moniker reveals mostly indicacharacteristics in structure and potency. Blue Moonshine is a short, stout, bushy plant. Outdoors, it rarely exceeds 3 feet, and is rarely over 2.5 feet indoors. One advantage of this variety is that it may be cropped quite low indoors or out.
The leaves are dark and wide. This plant produces dense, sticky buds, coated with tall-standing, glandular stalked trichomes – a true “hash plant”. The aroma and flavor of both the growing bud and the finished product is strong and astringent with a distinct fruity or fermented fruity taste.
In its effect, Blue Moonshine is akin to the homebrew that its name brings to mind. It is a potent smoke with a strong sensation of expansion in the lungs that is likely to induce coughing. The high is long lasting and physical, commonly beginning with hilarity, followed by extreme appetite stimulation then sedation.