Blueberry Headband

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Blueberry Headband
Emerald Triangle Seeds
Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Blueberry x Headband
Potency – THC 15-20%
blueberry-headbandBlueberry Headband is a blended creation brought to us by California’s Emerald Triangle Seeds. This company specializes in taking traditional weed strains and blending them. Blueberry Headband is a hybrid of which is 75% Indica and is a cross between the classicIndica Strain Blueberry and Headband (known to some as Sour Kush). The Emerald Triangle refers to the areas of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties in California. This region has been popular with growers and cannabis connoisseurs over the last 50 years. Emerald Triangle has certainly selected well for this strain in regards to genetics. Blueberry is very well known for its stunning blue hues, which it passed on to its offspring. Headbands family tree goes back to OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and the renowned ChemDawg.
Blueberry and Headband on their own produce bountiful harvests. This could mean that in addition to a bountiful harvest it could sometimes produce a huge plant that can only realistically be grown outdoors. Headband is well known for its tremendous outward growth that makes it long-limbed and extremely difficult to grow inside. Emerald Triangle does a fantastic job to combat this by using the strong Indica presence of Blueberry to trim the hybrid down a bit. The outcome is that Blueberry Headband plants can essentially be grown in an indoor room and even in a well-tended closet and do quite well. However, because of the long limned branches of its parent strain it may have a difficult time growing outward and upwards once the flowering stage begins. Even with the influence of the Indica genes one may find it a necessity to prop the branches up with stakes. This will prevent the branches from drooping. You must keep a watchful eye for any drooping near the largest flowers. If you are growing outside you can let the plants cultivate to their full potential. Just before harvest you will have an amazing looking garden.
The Headband strain is particularly well-suited for Medicinal Marijuana patients. The effects are not overwhelming, giving you the ability to go about your everyday life. It keeps nausea and anxiety well under control. The high of the Blueberry strain is equally euphoric and very long-lasting. The crossing of the two strains creates a smoke that is both active and is known to leave you content and full of smiles. It is even know to send some into hysterical fits of laughter. Another benefit to patients is that it is a great painkiller and calms the smoker. When smoking this strain you can taste the distinct flavor of the Blueberry as well as smell a light lemon scent from the Sativa dominant Headband. If you ever get the chance to partake in one of the great strains that the West Coast has to offer, we suggest you do so.