Brains Choice

Date:September 19, 2016 2:23 pm

Brains Choice
KC Brains
Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: Lambsbread x White Widow
Flowering: 56-70 days
Harvest: late September
brains-choiceKC Brains is known for producing some hard-hitting indicas, and this, his Brains Choice, may be the new flagship for the stoney side of his strains. KC grew the mother from seeds given to him by a Jamaican man he met in a coffee shop in Northern Holland. The seeds were Lambsbread, a legendary Jamaican strain, strongly but not purely sativa. KC crossed the Lambsbread with a classic all-indica White Widow from Ingemar, one of the early seed breeders in the Amsterdam scene. After only one cross, KC spent two years monitoring the new F1 for quality and stability. He was so pleased with the results, that he named the hybrid “Brains Choice”.
Brains Choice forms a marmalade of white and orange hairs a its flowers mature. The orange comes from Lambsbread, while the White Widow parentage shows through in the frosty proliferation of trichomes on the bud and nearby leaf. The buds cluster along the branches rather than forming one solid cola at the ends.
KC likes to grow his plants large, and this productive indica-dominant cross is no exception. It’s a big plant delivering strong yields with a knockout stone. Growing this strain is not particularly difficult, but does benefit from experience and is less appropriate for a first attempt.
The taste is memorable but difficult to describe – White Widow’s airy, sandalwood herbiness accented with a touch of floral haze, mellow and easy on the windpipe. Yet many people will find that one hit is plenty. It may not be the right pot for the after-work “happy hour” toke; it’s more suited for sleep or a little mental vacation. Some “blanking out” on the conversation can be expected. While the parent White Widow is considered a creeper, the Lambsbread cross has sped up onset so that the high comes on quick and intense. As KC says, “Open the door, and it’s there”.