Brains Damage

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Brains Damage
KC Brains
Origins: Acapulco Mexican x Hawaiian x Mango
Flowering: 56-70 days
Harvest: late September
brains-damageEven though Brains Damage is a four-way cross, all the parents are indicas, making this strain a very stable, consistent single phenotype plant. The Mexican and Hawaiianweed strains came from a friend in the North of Holland, while the Mango and KC 636 are part of the strain library Brains has developed over the last decade.
KC selects for strains that grow big to suit outdoor or greenhouse gardens, or indoor gardens when plant count limits may encourage gardeners to grow a few larger plants. KC’s big girls deliver a worthwhile yield and remain within the laws in areas where marijuana gardening is restricted but legal.
Brains Damage takes about 2 months to finish outdoors, although KC prefers the stickiness and additional ripeness it gains when allowed to go a full 10 weeks. While this plant forms plenty of bushy foliage, the calyxes develop at a single site, forming tight colas that range from 10cm (4 inches) to huge meter-long (3 feet) buds in outdoor gardens. This variety does not love the heat and yields more in temperate climates or indoors as long as the temperature stays in pot’s comfort zone of 70-80 F. Overall, this variety is a good beginner strain, delivering a rich yield with minimum nutrient supplementation and basic maintenance.
Brain’s strains are often knockouts, and the name Brains Damage tells you that this is among KC’s heavyweights. The stone kicks in after two or three hits. The mouth dries, the eyelids droop, and knowledgeable onlookers can spot the telltale signs of a powerful indica high. The palate is a little fruit from the Mango and Hawaii parents, with a drier eucalyptus aroma from the Acapulco.