Burmese Kush

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Burmese Kush
Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Origins: Burmese Kush x OG Kush
Flowering: 50-56 days
Harvest: late September
burmese-kushBurmese Kush draws from old-world genetics, a dark green sativa–indica hybrid from Burma that has a quick finishing time. This plant has been married to on of the old school California strains – a TH Seeds specialty. Although she is almost half sativa, this hybrid stays quite small and exhibits hardly any branching. These qualities make the Burmese Kush perfect for the sea of green gardening method.
TH Seeds feeds this plant organic bio dynamic food from Botanicare, but she responds very well to all fertilizers. Outdoors she is a bit of a slow starter. TH Seeds recommends pre-flowering for best results. Despite the slow start, she grows very quickly once established, and can finish in 7-8 weeks, making her on of TH Seed’s fastest strains.
This compact mam reaches about 1 foot during typical vegging and triples to around 3 feet at the end of flowering. When grown in a sea of green, plants usually yield around an ounce each. Plants grown in 1-gallon containers will deliver closer to 2 ounces, while grown in 5-gallon buckets can yield up to 125 g per plant.
Burmese Kush develops from top to bottom, with slight lower branching appearing late in maturation. She produces tight buds with very small dense trichomes. The buds begin to blow out at two week sof flowering, forming dense and resin-coated nuggets. While she thrives in high heat conditions, Burmese Kush exhibits a vulnerability to powdery mildew of conditions are overly humid or wet.
The BK buzz is a creeper, but when it arrives, the feeling is calming and brings a centered sensation rather than a big gong to the head. It is good for those that prefer a mellow high instead of a heart-racing speedy sensation. Her aroma and flavor is decidedly pine, with a subtle sweetness that lingers pleasantly on the tongue. This is not your pot for jet-setting, but for relaxing and enjoying a leisurely meal once you’ve arrived at your destination. Its genetic makeup suggests medical marijuanaapplications for pain relief and appetite enhancement.