Cheesy Dick

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Cheesy Dick

Seed Bank: Big Buddha Seeds

Genetics: Indica 95%, Sativa 5%

Created in Spain, Moby dick is a ‘Critcial Mass’ x ‘Jack Herer’ hybrid.
A very rewarding plant with its ‘whale(large 🙂 ) like yields’ and a strong ‘high resin’ content.
It was a formality(easy) for us at Big Buddha Seeds to introduce our ‘Old Skool Classic’ the Big Buddha Cheese to the mix thus creating ‘Cheesy Dick’!!

The humorous(funny) name suggests that this a fun(happy,joking) cross but the results have shown a huge yielding Old School flavor plant for the more serious grower!

Cheesy Dick is a very spicy, indica dominant plant with a musky, Big Buddha Cheese spice taste, The resin content is high…. leaving you with a real knockout stone and taste!

Indica 95%
Sativa 5%
Origins Moby Dick X Big Buddha Cheese 'reversed'
Flowering 8 - 10 weeks