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Seed Bank: Buddha Seeds

Genetics: Ruderalis/Indica

Deimos is a hybrid which origins are mostly indica (Northern Lights), a work of the selection of 7 generations in order to obtain the features of a Classic in an autoflowering plant.

Deimos is a mainly Indica hybrid ancestry (Northern Lights), a result of a work of selection of 7 generations to achieve the characteristics of a classic autoflowering plant.

A large plant growth both high and width wise. We have primacy in selecting more branched specimens, with long lateral branches that produce buds almost as thick as the tip, thus gaining in productivity without becoming excessively high. Round 1 meter high and its size, becomes the perfect autoflowering plant for outdoor and indoor.

The power of Deimos outshines more than one, is a devastating plant, its taste is classic sweet and tangy, an ideal plant to relax, introspection, go to the movies, medicinal use or just to knock down that friend ” expert”.

Flowering 65 days