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JD’s High-Bred Seeds
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: equatorial sativa x Middle Eastern indica
Flowering: 60-65 days
Harvest: mid October
dreadlockDreadlock is an even combination of the sativaand indica spectrum that can be recommended for beginning growers. This strains exhibits two phenotype. One is a slightly fluffy plant with popcorn buds while the other exhibits less branching, denser buds, and fewer small nodules that protrude from the buds. Both types are not as bushy as most sativa-influenced hybrids, and each sprouts a large main cola that looks like a giant nappy dread.
This variety does not need high levels of fertilizer to produce large, heavy buds. It is very hardy and resistant to molds and pests. Joint doctor prefers to grow this primarily indoor plant in organic soil, but Dreadlock will do well in hydro too. Yields will be slightly better if each plant is given at least one square foot of space, but the formation of one large main cola makes it suitable for sea of green. The best method for this variety is “screen of green”.
Dreadlock’s dark nine-pronged fan leaves are accessorized with small, distinctively horn-shaped leaflets tucked in at their bases. The fan leaves turn yellow and drop before harvest, which means little manicuring is required. Dreadlock clones sprout roots and bushy foliage very quickly, making it a great strain for breeding mothers.
Smart growers give Dreadlock a full 9 weeks before harvest, since her buds gain a lot of weight and THC in the final weeks. Once harvested, these super sticky buds produce a very energetic high that creeps up, strengthening over the first half hour to a psychedelic, slightly speedy feeling. This mildly musky variety is great for socializing and known for its “giggle stick” qualities. Dreadlock is also a good variety for the hash lover.