Early Swazi Skunk

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Early Swazi Skunk
Greenthumb Seeds
Origins: Swazi Skunk x Swazi Skunk
Flowering: 50-56 days
Harvest: mid September
early-swazi-skunkEarly Swazi Skunk is Eastern Canada’s answer to a short-season pure cannabi sativa strainfor outdoor growers. This variety was originally brought from South Africa, where Dr. Greenthumb first experienced its well-rounded “smooth: psychoactivity. It has not been crossed with any other varieties, but kept pure and inbred, merely selecting over many generations for the characteristics of improved yield and early finishing.
Originally, sativas are equatorial plants. Conventional wisdom would limit outdoor growing in Canada to indicas but Early Swazi Skunk has been acclimated to the north over many generations, so that now she offers outstanding outdoor growth and yield as far north as Ontario (50-52 degrees North latitude). This is true even when the seeds are started outdoors. The breeder adds that Early Swazi Skunk is “no dog indoors” either, producing decent sativa yields with multi-branch gardening. Early Swazi Skunk may be a good candidate for screen of green.
The sativa’s branches are frond-like, reaching heights between 3 and 6 feet. Early Swazi Skunk’s few leaves are delicate and narrow, and the flower-to-leaf ratio is very high. More flowers means more light nectar in the dried buds; palate, a sweet aroma, and a great yield (up to 400 grams per plant outdoors).
Early Swazi Skunk kisses the mind with a smooth, peaceful buzz, euphoric but not overwhelming. All feels well with the world for up to four hours, while users should still feel functional for most tasks. This mellow sativa buzz is nice for socializing and may have medicinal value for depression and obsessive thoughts or behaviors.