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Homegrown Fantaseeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Genetics: Bubble Gum 95 x Hindu Kush #12
Flowering: 60-70 days
Harvest: late October
THC: 17%
eclipseWith a coffeeshop in Amsterdam as well as a seed company, Homegrown Fantaseeds definitely know the marijuana industry, and the quality of their seeds shows that they are serious breeders, too. They are not afraid to make genetic pairings that go a little beyond the norm, and produce fun hybrids that are a little different, and this makes them indispensable in the cannabis community. For this strain, they’ve taken a Bubble Gum cut from ’95 and a twelfth generation Hindu Kush plant to create an incredibly fruity and flavorful sativa dominant hybrid that appeals to anyone with a sweet tooth.
Eclipse is a 60/40 sativa-indica mix, so these plants look very indica-like in their structure while still retaining those sativa growth patterns. This makes this strain a great choice for any home grower, especially one who wants to grow a sativa-dominant variety, but for whom space is an issue. A SOG set up can help to really get the best out of this plant, and manage the growth while still getting the most bud for your buck. Eclipse also strives in hydroponic set ups, and can be an absolute beauty in organic soil grows, but she needs a solid 8 weeks of growth before she’s ready to harvest. You can extend this to 10 weeks if you so wish, but any longer than this is somewhat pointless as resin production peaks in the 8th week. This strain is an especially stinky one when it reaches maturity so properfiltering, with carbon filters where possible, is going to be necessary unless you want all your neighbors knocking on the door hoping to smoke a bowl with you.
The Bubble Gum taste comes straight through when you take your first toke of Eclipse, and it’s so sweet and bubbly that it’s a very addictive smoke. The high, too, is very energetic: a cerebral, ecstatic feeling with slight psychoactive tendencies. This is probably due to the Hindu Kush plant, and you’ll be glad of the mind expanding properties of the more mature parent plant as they’ll stop you from reverting completely back into your six year old self and embarrassing everyone by having a temper tantrum if other people take too long with the joint. Even with the Kush influence, smoking Eclipse will leave you feeling like a child again: mouth full of bubble gum, giggling away on the sofa until you exhaust yourself, run out of breath and fall asleep where you are sitting.