Endless Sky

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Endless Sky
Dr. Greenthumb Seeds
Indica 90 / Sativa 10
Origins: Iranian Indica x Grenadine
Flowering: 55 – 65 days
Harvest: mid October
endless-skyDr. Greenthumb’s breeding program emphasizes outdoor performance in Canada, and his Endless Sky strain is no exception, finishing by mid-October in its massive latitudes. But Endless Sky is also a great indoor strain for growers seeking a potent, easily cultivated indica.
Like many indicas, Endless Sky does well in soil but really flourishes in hydro, where she grows very fast. Her moderate size and limited branching make Endless Sky a good choice for small space and sea of green gardens. When flowered at 10-12 inches tall, these plants reach 24-30 inches at harvest. If raised in a sea of green under a 400 watt HPS with an average 1500 parts per million of nutrient salts, Endless Sky will yield 400-500 grams (14-17 ounces) per square meter.
Endless Sky tends toward a single, tight and chunky central cola, although she may form a few short side branches. Buds range from soda-can size up to the size of two-liter soda bottle when ripe. The ripe buds are heavy for their girth and crusty with trichomes. Endless Sky’s sun leaves are large and display characteristics midway between indica and sativa, with a tendency toward the wider indica leaf pattern. Leaves often turn to pink or yellow-pink at maturity.
The poetic name is a pleasure to say but may also be a reflection on the buzz, which is very open and spacey. This variety produces a potent, indica-type stone that has been reported toprovide pain relief.One hit warms your whole head almost instantly. This is not a good toke when preparing to dive or operate heavy machinery. Endless Sky’s dense smoke tastes earthy, like hash, and produces a dreamy, hashy experience that lasts up to four hours.