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DJ Short
Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Flo x Blueberry
Flowering: 55-65 days
Harvest: late September
f13F-13 is a top quality connoisseur variety developed with the indoor soil grower in mind. Even so, it adapts well to hydroponic systems, performing especially well in organic-based aquaponic or aeroponic setups. It has also been tested in outdoor gardens at 45 degrees north latitude, where it performed well.
The parents of F-13 are a dynamic duo from DJ Short’s Delta-9 Blue Collection. The mother strain, Flo, is an early maturing sativa/indica hybrid with the unique ability to produce a continuous harvest of tight spear-shaped buds. Her buzz is energetic and extremely clearheaded, a true “wake and bake” pot with a flowery smell and fruity undertones in the flavor. The Blueberry father is a superstar of connoisseur cannabis known for its cool blue hues and signature blueberry taste, along with its long lasting, euphoric high.
In F-13, this combination results in a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that branches into a medium-sized, bushy plant, especially when topped. Her thin, sativa-like leaves are dark green, often developing red and lavender hues as she matures. F-13 thrives on organic nutrients with plenty of good worm castings and bat guano. Keep other feeding light, especially where nitrogen is concerned.
F-13 finishes in approximately 8-9 weeks indoors with a yield between 1-2 ounces per square foot when the light input is at least 50 watts per square foot. Another measure of expected yield is 1 gram per watt of light when conditions are optimal. In outdoor grows, harvest is in late September to mid or late October depending on the latitude.
This hybrid forms tight, elongated spear- or spade-shaped buds that release a sweet musky odor while growing. The high is a creeper that takes between 20 minutes and an hour to reach its peak. The refreshing quality of the high is comfortable yet awake, making it weel suited for social situations. F-13 is a lucid and truly enjoyable daytime smoke that tapers off into a dreamy feeling. Overall this variety is very motivational when used in moderation. It retains the flavors of fruit and flower that are signatures of DJ’s Blue strains, making it a good choice for any flavor connoisseur.