Fruity Thai

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Fruity Thai
Ceres Seeds
Sativa 50 / Indica 50
Origins: Thai sativa x Dutch indica
Flowering: 50-65 days
Harvest: mid October
fruity-thaiFruity Thai is the urban crop with a tropical twist, a blend of sweet Thai sativa with a dense and resinous indica. The combination creates a fresh and sweet “retro” Thai flavor and a clear sativa-style high, combined with a very good, very resinous indica yield. Ceres Seeds searched for a hybrid with sativa properties when it came to flavor and effect, as well as the best growing traits of a premium indica, like a shorter flowering time, sticky buds, and of course a heavy crop. They crossed a gorgeous Thai back-and-forth with a specially selected stock indica. Playing on the notion that sativas get you”high” and indicas get you “stoned”, Ceres bills the resulting strain as “the indica that gets you Thai high!”
Indoors, Fruity Thai delivers both quality and quantity. this variety also produces amazing results in the greenhouse. While flowering, Fruity Thai looks much like a sativa plant, with a single large main cola and long, thinner branches around the base. Like a pure sativa, she still stretches a little at the start. As she matures, her buds build up from tight clusters of flowers into compact pointy cones that weigh in at comfortable yields of one gram per watt of light. Fruity Thai plants take only 8-9 weeks to mature.
Fruity Thai buds are covered with thousands of tiny, but clear, THC crystals, making them look like a starry night against a dark green sky. Besides her glittering and weighty harvest, the most notable features of this variety are her scent and flavor. Fruity Thai produces little odor while flowering, but once the buds are ripe, they release a noticeable fresh and fruity scent. The taste has overtones of lemon and melon. The effect of Fruity Thai is a comfortable, dreamy, but functional high. The vibe is sensual and communicative, happy and playful.
Fruity Thai took home Second Place in the indica category at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, and proved a popular party favor at the Grass-A-Matazz Jazz ‘n’ Grass party afterwards, sponsored in part by Ceres Seeds.