G-13 Diesel

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G-13 Diesel
Head Seeds
Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Origins: G-13 x Sour Diesel
Flowering: 58-65 days
Harvest: mid September
g13-dieselHead Seeds acquired the G-13 through a Pacific Northwest connection who supplied cuttings. here, the potent indica has been mated with a Diesel, one of the popular sativa-dominant strains noted for a strong stone, and an aroma of grapefruit rind edging toward truck fuel. Diesel hybrids are popular in Amsterdam’s coffeeshops due to their attractive combination of sativa and indica traits in the high.
G-13 Diesel is a hardy, easy-growing plant that prefers heavy to moderate feeding. This plant multi-branches well, but is very tractable for growers who prefer a compact, bush-like profile. Plants that begin flowering at 12-16 inches will grow moderately, not quite doubling in height to finish around 22 inches. When G-13 Diesel is grown small with a single cola, she yields 7-10 grams per plant. When grown large and trained, she could easily yield a pound or more.
This strain’s leaves maintain a deep green up until the last week or so of flowering; some plants take on purple tones in the stems and leaves late in their flowering cycle. G-13 Diesel buds are typical in shape: broad at the base and narrow at the tip, with pistils ranging from reddish brown to dark pink. The buds are fairly compact, but not dense enough to promote mold. The diesel aroma announces itself during the vegetative phase and becomes very strong late in the flowering, requiring some attention to odor control. The smoke’s flavor is sweet and skunky with unpredictable notes of citrus and diesel.
This hybrid’s high starts in the head, with a cerebral flight of ideas, but quickly works it way into the body for a long lasting stone. In many respects, G-13 Diesel offers the classic marijuana experience: a peaceful smile, a relaxed body, and a renewed appreciation for tasty snacks. This is a smoke for sunny days and happy times with friends. Rather than a trip to the shopping mall or other frenzied environments, enjoy it on a slow afternoon in a cozy spot at home or in the great outdoors.