God’s Treat

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God’s Treat
Jordan of the Islands
Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Dutch Treat x God Bud
Flowering: 42-50 days
Harvest: mid September
gods-treatCannabis is considered a sacred plant in some circles. God’s Treat is a name that is both promising and slightly whimsical. The name actually takes one work from each of its parents., Dutch Treat and God Bud, both dark green, strong indicas with a reputation for powerful flavor and fun highs. This resilient variety is a determined grower that thrives indoors and outdoors in most climates.
God’s Treat, like its parents, is quite branchy and does best when this growth is controlled but encouraged in multi-branch cultivation, rather than trimmed for the sea of green type single-cola method. Her flowering time is highly desirable 6-7 weeks. By harvest time these plants are still quite short and bush-like with fat, football-shaped buds. the lightly loose, airy structure of the flowers gives them better resistance to molds or other nuisanses of wet climates. Although the plant’s overall structure has indica tendencies, the leaves are light green and thin, more sativa like in profile than either parent.
At harvest, God’s Treat gleams with tantalizing crystals. Her aroma and flavor fuse herbal and candy into a sweet alloy that’s hard to describe. Her stone adds sativa’s blissful head-chakra uplift to the sensuality and durability of indica. God’s Treat offers a lasting high that envelops the mind and body in a lighthearted, spiritually elevated flight.