Haze Mist

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Haze Mist
Flying Dutchmen
Origins: South Indian x Skunk #1
Flowering: 95-100 days
Harvest: late November
haze-mistHaze Mist combines a South Indian mother and an Original Haze father, both pure sativas. The Flying Dutchmen have kept both parents in their plant libraries since the mid-1908s, using them as building blocks for some of the most celebrated varieties in cannabis lore. They bred Mist Haze from these parents for the perfect blend of sweet and sour taste and an expansive cerebral high.
Haze Mist is a pure sativa strain, very tall and slender with lime green leaves and long internode spaces. She can be grown indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors at latitudes below 30 degrees North. Outdoor-grown Haze Mist reaches up to 13 feet (4 m) tall and has consistently survived Dutch winters. The natural home for these plants, however, is in tropical or semi-tropical locales where photoperiod fluctuations are minor and growing seasons are lengthier. In the tropics, she matures in 14-16 weeks from seed (12-14 weeks from cutting) and yields 10-17 ounces (300-500 g).
Indoors, haze Mist can easily be cultivated with little knowledge of pure sativa types. The best results come from growing her in rich, well-drained soil, high in organic matter. The Dutchmen usually grow their seedling under 14 hours of light, then take cuttings from each seedling, and root them at 10 hours of light, until they show sex. Cuttings from female seedlings are then transplanted and flowered at 12 hours of light. If they have not matured at 12-13 weeks of flowering, the breeders reduce the light photoperiod by 30 minutes per week until the cuttings have matured.
Haze Mist enjoys a medium-strength nutrient regime, slowly increased throughout the cycle, then flushing at the end. High nitrogen levels have a detrimental effect, which is indicated if leaves lose their healthy lime green color. These plants can be pruned back until the fourth week of flowering; alternatively, they can be pruned back once or twice early on, and then later tied or staked down. They will continue to grow for around 8 weeks under a 12/12 photocycle. Indoor yields vary greatly depending on the style of growing. On average, Haze Mist produces 200-250 grams per square meter, but with a little more headroom, 4-6 plants per square meter could harvest substantially more.
As the plants mature, they form long slender buds with a spicy sweet scent. The round bracts swell to bursting around harvest time, as the buds shift from lime green to gold with occasional purple tints. The end product smells and tastes very spicy and subtle, sweet undertones. Haze Mist’s high is soaring and energetic with no “body”. This is one of the few strains that has no ceiling: once you go beyond high, the effect becomes psychedelic. Prolonged heavy use is not recommended: too much pure haze makes people twitchy and nervous. In moderation, however, the high is perfect for all active pursuit, and lends itself well to artistic and musical endeavors.