Heavy Duty Fruity

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Heavy Duty Fruity
Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Killing Garberville x Seattle Big Bud x Mendocino Hash Plant
Flowering: 60-63 days
Harvest: mid October
heavy-duty-fruityHeavy Duty Fruity has a major kick, whether your shtick is yield, flavor or stoniness. A nearly even mix of sativa and indica, this plant derives its heritage from the U.S. West Coast marijuana belt, mixing strains from Northern California’s sweet spots with a daddy from the more temperate and wet Pacific Northwest. T.H. Seeds thnks medicine Man for introducing this strain to them.
Heavy Duty Fruity can be grown indoors or out, but is especially recommended for the hydroponics gardener. This heavyweight performer’s strong fruity dankness will fill the grow room and the surrounding areas if odor is not controlled. The buds reach monstrous sizes on a steady diet of high EC nutrients. Excellent yields can also be expected from outdoor plants, which will be ready in the last half of October when grown in Holland’s latitude.
This variety is great as a multi-topped plant, with many sites for its dense and hefty buds. The leaves are not always the classic seven-pointers. They’re often thick and gnarly, and some eventually change color from green to purple.
Heavy Duty Fruity’s pungent fruit odor penetrates the air and fills the senses making ozone generators or another air cleaning method essential where stealth is key. The stone is dependent on harvesting time. If a psychedelic couchlock buzz is preferred, then harvesting at the earliest phase of ripeness, usually about 50-60 days, is recommended. However, for a mellower, sleepier goodnight stone, growers mature the harvest for a full nine weeks. Munchies are another quality that may come on heavy duty, which makes this a good medical treatment for appetite loss.