High Tension

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High Tension
World of Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Genetics: Colombian Mango Biche x (Orange Bud xBlack Domina x Jack Herer)
Flowering: 9 weeks
Yield: 400-500 g/m²
THC: 15-20%
high-tensionSpain’s World of Seeds didn’t pick their name out of a hat; the collective is made up of breeders and growers from all over the globe, each bringing their own personal experertise and tricks to the table. With all that knowledge they certainly don’t mess around when it comes to creating their own strains, and High Tension is a complex mix of some of the world’s best cannabis genetics. One parent strain is a stabilized blend of Orange Bud, Black Domina from Sensi Seeds and Jack Herer (which is a great combination by anyone’s standard), while the other is a Mango Biche cannabis sativaplant from Colombia that is out of this world. This plant started life as an Afghani clone which was crossbred with Black Domina and Jack Herer males and so continued its journey to becoming High Tension.
Each of the strains comprised within High Tension has brought its won phenomenal traits to the final plant. Black Domina has brought high tolerance to both irrigation and disease and the Colombian strain has given vigorous growth, while Jack Herer brought potency and Orange Bud, the amazing flavor. Thanks to such fantastic genetics, High Tension is a great performer both indoors and outdoors, and the resulting buds are both effective and delicious.
In growth, these plants can get relatively tall at about 4 feet, and all within 8 weeks. To prevent them from spending any more energy on their height and to force them to concentrate more on flowering, the breeders recommend topping them during the vegetative stage. When she hits the flowering period, you’ll be delighted with the tight nugs, and the excellent bud-to-leaf ratio means that she’s both good looking and easy to manicure. Harvest should take place at about 9 weeks, but you’ll know when the buds are dying to be chopped, as they’ll have already turned orange and will be absolutely covered with fat crystals that look like white sugar.
If the influence of all the rest of the family comes out in the growth patterns, the influence of the Jack Herer grandparent strain becomes obvious when you smoke up your first High Tension nug. The strong narcotic effects take you out like William Perry (who you might know better as The Refrigerator), but the high is a surprisingly “up” one after this: you might be laid out with a few bewildered brain cells but your mind will be active and alert.