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Greenthumb Seeds
Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Niagara x White Widow
Flowering: 56-63 days
Harvest: late September
huronThis cross of Dr. Greenthumb’s flagship breed, Niagara, and the famed White Widow was developed with the outdoor grower in mind. Called Huron to honor its Canadian home, this strain was selected based on potency and an early finishing time.
Huron is a great outdoor plant for temperate latitudes, including most of Canada, Europe and the northern U.S. The best outdoor environment is in deep fertile soil, where it finishes by late September. Huron has survived the ultimate frost resistance test:unexpected snowfall although handling frost is stronger in spring than autumn.
A good plant for the beginning grower, Huron can also be grown indoors when an outdoor garden is not possible. This plant will adapt well to most indoor methods and finish between 18-24 inches. Dr. Greenthumb recommends pruning radially, then grouping out four branches for a multi-staked plant.
A three-quarter indica, this plant has a short stature and fat dense colas. The resin production makes some nice sticky buds, but the flower structure has an overall sativafeel to it. Huron has an earthy smell while growing as well as when dried, and the taste is still earthy but has some sweet tones also.
Huron fans swear by its medical usefulness, claiming it is great for pain relief, and offers consistent, relaxing high that has a long duration.