Island Sweet Skunk

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Island Sweet Skunk
Next Generation Seed Company
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Genetics: Skunk x Grapefruit Indica
Flowering: 65 days
THC: 17%
island-sweet-skunkCanada’s Next Generation Seed Company started producing unique genetics in the late 90s, and since then have not only give the cannabis world some fantastic strains but have garnered a reputation to match. They consistently perfect their strains and work hard at stabilizing them as much as possible. Most of their genetics come from Canada and the Pacific Northwest and as such, can be great for outdoor grows in North America as well as abroad. For Island Sweet Skunk, they’ve taken one of the most famous contemporary strains, Skunk, and bred this with a fantastically fruity Grapefruit indica.
Unless you have a particularly high-ceilinged grow room, Island Sweet Skunk can only really be grown outdoors, as it gets to be very tall and as such, won’t do well in the confines of a tiny setup. If you do choose to grow outside, and you happen to be located in California or Spain, you’ll find that this plant absolutely loves your local climate and will back in the regular sunshine like a woman of leisure. In such an environment she flourishes and gives an incredibly heavy yield with very long buds. The weight of these nugs will lie heavy on her branches, so you’ll almost definitely have to assist her in the later stages by staking and supporting some of the weight. If you do have the room to satisfy these ladies inside, then you can expect a flowering time of 65 days, whereas outdoor growers will be looking to harvest between mid and late October in the Northern hemisphere. If you live in British Columbia, you will have to grow inside, as this strain can’t handle the excessive cold. A plain soil grow with minimal nutrients will be more than enough for these plants, though they can be raised in a SOG system in which they will not need to be given a vegetation period; this will keep them small enough to work with, otherwise come harvest time you’ll be wrestling with a giant spider like structure and you will not win.
If you think Island Sweet Skunk buds smell tasty when they’re growing, then sit down for your first whiff after the curing period as it will knock your head off. The taste is a perfect balance of that Skunky sweetness that everyone loves and the tangy fruitiness of the Grapefruit parent. The high is no less amazing, creeping into your brain then right down into your whole body. It’s amazing that boxers looking to drop a weight class don’t turn to Island Sweet Skunk as it makes you sweat like a madman in the high of a Hawaiian summer.