Jack Flash #5

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Jack Flash #5
Sensi Seed Bank
Sativa 55 / Indica 45
Origins: Jack Flash x Skunk / Haze hybrid
Flowering: 55-75 days
jack-flash-5Sensi Seed Bank has delivered many classic breeds to the marketplace including the beloved Jack Herer strain. The original Jack Flash strain was derived from Jack Herer genetics and possessed some of its qualities, but also introduced skunk characteristics that improved its ease for gardening. In Jack Flash #5, Sensi has further evolved its family, producing a feminized, sativa-dominant cross of the Jack Flash variety. Jack Flash #5’s mother was a standout Jack Flash phenotype, with which this feminized strain was backcrossed in the next-to-last breeding step. The female “father” was a superb Skunk / Haze hybrid that was extremely resistant to intersexuality, making the chances of hermaphroditic qualities in its feminized progeny as low as in a regular female.
The Jack Flash #5 is more sativa influenced that the original Jack Flash. During flowering, this variety is more poplar tree than pine, with upward-angled branches that create height and lead to as much as a 200% size increase unless controlled. The hybrid “stretched-teardrop” leaves have a fat indica middle narrowing to thin sativa tips. Jack Flash #5’s large, dense buds have hybrid features, first clustering, and then running along the branches to fill the internodal space. As they mature, the colas form oversized oval calyxes with profuse pistils and an amazingly dense resin coating. The tops of the main buds often have multi-point crowns caused by large calyxes growing on top of one another.
Jack Flash #5 is a happy, vigorous plant that handles a wide range of conditions with grace. Sensi recommends this strain for indoor grows. These large ladies like a decent nutrient supply and tend to be resilient to fungus and minor grow room miscalculations. This plant can be controlled well in a screen of green grow, or tamed to single main stems and grown as a sea of green as long as clones are put into flower almost immediately after rooting, at 4-5 inches (8-12 cm) in height. The main concern for Jack Flash #5 growers will be height jumps, although this variety is not as unwieldy as typical haze-dominant strains. Outdoors, this variety finished in time when grown within 40 degrees of the sunny equatorial belt, but it may be more challenged to ripen before cool weather sets in at latitudes above 45 degrees N.
Jack Flash #5 has skunk elements in its earthy citrus aroma and flavor that many will find enjoyable and tasty. Beyond the appeal of its vigor, which makes it suitable even for beginners to deliver great connoisseur yields, the Jack Flash #5 will win hearts with its long lasting and strongly cerebral, sparkling high. The effects come on fast, leading with the head, and filtering into a body buzz that creeps up and lingers. Unlike some varieties, repeat smoking may refresh the head effects and stave off lethargy, but of course this only works up to a point. The indica stone is likely to prevail in high doses or when smoked throughout the day. Still, Jack Flash #5 is not prone to stupefy smokers, so it is suitable for chilling out with friends in easygoing social activities, and most medical users will find it to be a well-rounded addition to the stash.