Jack Flash

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Jack Flash
Sensi Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
55% Indica / 45% Sativa
Genetics: Jack Herer x (Super Skunk x Haze)
Flowering: 60-70 days
THC: 19%
If you’ve not heard of Sensi Seeds, then you definitely don’t live in or around the Netherlands, where this company has been working for over 25 years and where they even have their own official stamp – which is quite a testament to the impact these guys have made. This is thanks to both the quality of the strains and their resolve to improve upon their own work again and again, and it’s this resolve that has given rise to the Jack Flash seed-strain and it’s feminized counterpart, Jack Flash #5.
As the first stable hybrid bred from the Jack Herer line, the original Jack Flash was created by back-crossing a Jack Herer mother with a blend of Super Skunk and Haze in order to stabilize and refine the most desired traits of all three strains. Jack Flash #5 is the all-female version, which was carefully bred in order to keep it as close as possible to the original throughout the feminizing process. Both versions of Jack Flash seeds produce plants which are hugely potent, reliable and consistent to grow.
The four phenotypes of Jack Herer have been narrowed down to two in Jack Flash, one more indica in growth and one more sativa. The indica phenotype is more compact in structure, and is the better choice for indoor and greenhouse growing. During flowering, you’ll see rapid and uniform bud development, with the calyxes even sitting on top of each other to form rope-like links. The sativa phenotype, on the other hand, expresses itself in a large form plant that gains even more height in the flowering stage. The breeders recommend that the sativa like form is allowed to grow up to 4 feet or beyond, as the structure fills out totally with large buds in the final stages. Jack Flash #5 tends to produce a higher proportion of sativa phenotypes than regular Jack Flash.
When growing this strain outside, care should be taken to keep pests at bay, as it can be difficult when dealing with such large plants to check them thoroughly for any signs of infestation. With such large nugs, too, if growing the indica phenotype especially, you should take care to ensure the humidity in your grow room isn’t too high. Indoors, this strain finishes in 55-75 days, depending on which phenotype you have, and you can expect a yield of up to 125 grams per plant from larger plants.