Jacky White

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Jacky White
Paradise Seeds
Sativa 75 / Indica 25
Origins: mostly sativa
Flowering: 60 days
Harvest: mid October
jacky-whiteLike Jacky Brown, the working-class heroine created by Pam Grier and Quentin Tarantino, Jacky White is tough, fine looking, mellow, and pure woman – that is, her seeds are 100% female, an attractive feature for first-time growers who can be intimidated by the task of sexing the plants. Beginners will also appreciate Jacky’s hardiness, high yield, fast finish, and striking profile; this is a truly aesthetically beautiful plant. This mostlysativa hybrid is also notable for her stability, with only slight variations between individual plants.
Outdoors, Jacky White likes a moderate to sunny climate. Indoors, hydro, coco, and soil are all excellent growing mediums. She likes to branch, so the garden setup that optimizes yield on these plants would allow a bit more space for the side branches to fully develop. Pruning or bending to increase yield works well with this strain.
Jacky White smells like a grapefruit tree all through fer flowering period, which finishes in 60 days at most, with an abundance of chunky colas glittering and luminescent with resin. Her indoor harvest is impressive – 1 gram per watt of light per square meter, or up to 600g per square meter under a 600-watt high-pressure sodium light. Outside harvests are predictably larger.
Jacky White’s growing style is sativa-like, with a note of good indica qualities (ease, hardiness, fast finish); likewise, her stone is sativa-like with a hint of indica to take off sativa’s speedy edge. She offers a clear, mind-lofting cerebral high accompanied by a pleasant body buzz. Her stone has a smooth entry and exit that many will find inviting, with an enduring effect, although the rich haze-citrus taste may have tokers reloading their bongs anyway. Since she came on the scene in 2005, Jacky White has proven popular with German and Austrian connoisseur. Like her cinema namesake, this attractive lady is likely to warrant attention that will move her into the big time.