K13 Haze

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K13 Haze

Seedbank: Philosopher Seeds

Genetics: 70% Sativa, 30% Indica

Genetics: Kali Mist x Yumboldt
Cannabis Champions Cup 2011 Spannabis – 3rd resins category

The variety Easy Haze / K-13-Haze is a backcross which inherited the best qualities of both parents: strong, dense and compact structure from its ascendent Yumbolt, and its thin leaflets, incense aroma and clear sativa effect from its second parent, Kali Mist(Western Winds).

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. High yield.

This is a plant easy to grow and provides a high yield. It has very rich and dense branching so it is recommended to grow it in SCROG. Its internodal spacing and overall size is relatively short compared to other sativas.

It has a good tolerance excesses, deficiencies, temperature stress, pests and diseases and is particularly resistant to excessive moisture, a true all terrain strain.

It is also well suited to outdoor growing. Grown in soil reach a gigantic size and its high yielding branches are covered in heads with formidable kolas covered in golden resin. Apical pruning is a good option to keep the height lowered without losing performance. To maintain a controlled size pots of 25 to 50 liters are recommended.

Both outside and inside the larger volume the pot has, the larger the plant will become.

Indica 30%
Sativa 70%
Origins Kali Mist x Yumboldt
Flowering 55-65 days
THC 21%