Kosher Kush

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Kosher Kush
DNA Genetics – Reserva Privada
Origins: Kosher Kush x Kosher Kush
Flowering: 9-10 Weeks
Harvest: mid October
kosher-kushKosher Kush is an amazing Indica strain out of California. It is a stinky over the top strain with an average yield making all who smoke it feel “blessed”. She grows tall so pinching will help tame her as well as beef up the yields. She is easy to grow for the beginner and a challenge to master for the expert. The Kosher can handle moderate to heavy nutrients and has a great bud to leaf ratio making her easy to trim. Kosher Kush will instantly become your favorite smoke. Any herbalist who tries her wants more…
Some background on this strain is a group of Jewish kids in LA were running around with this great herb and calling it “Jew Gold”… now in the upper crust LA scene this name was all good and people had embraced it….. Well we just couldn’t get ourselves around the name and referred to it as the JG… well after time went on, we acquired a cut from the JG crew, at a price of course, and started to grow the JG in numbers and well… lets just say it lived up to the hype!!!
DNA both are non-religious on every level and really don’t have the desire to promote or not promote any race, religion, or creed… With that being said, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn the Jew Gold into the Kosher Kush!!! Keeping humor alive and trusting the cannabis community can handle a stoner name like Kosher Kush!! And most people would agree if somebody says “its kosher” it generally means its OK, not lets go to the synagogue … So Kosher Kush was born… People are asking every day when are the Kosher Kush seeds going to be available and the demand is Very High!!!
1st Indica HT Cannabis Cup 2010
1st Indica HT Cannabis Cup 2011
Strain of the Year 2011 Hightimes
2nd Indoor Bio Spannabis 2012
3rd Indoor Hydro Spannabis 2012