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Mandala Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
75% Sativa / 25% Indica
Genetics: Kerala, South India x Nepali Landrace
Flowering: 65-72 days
Yield: 350-450 gr/m2
THC: 18-20%; CBD: 0,3%; CBG: 0,5%
krystalicaSpain’s Mandala Seeds are dedicated to producing interesting strains that give both a vigorous grow and potent high, and they use the best genetics from all over the world in order to do so. Krystalica is a testament to this dedication, as it comprises genes of two wild landrace plants from two very separate parts of the world: Nepal and Kerala in the south of India. Landrace sativas are phenomenal breeding stock, and as such, Krystalica is certainly a strain that commands some attention, and not just because of its incredible parentage.
Krystalica is a high yielding, very resistant strain with high resin content, quality buds and amazing vigor. She has a high leaf to calyx ratio, with the uppermost buds being almost leafless, enjoys a very high resin content, and is extremely mold resistant, making it a fantastic choice for a greenhouse grow where the temperature and humidity can be high. The side shoots will need support in the later weeks of flowering. This plant can be growth both indoors and outdoors, with the plants only growing to about 4 feet on average, but she is not suitable for outdoor growing in cold, northern climates unless you are growing in a heated greenhouse.The breeders recommend that for an indoor grow, you use 400-600 watts of HPS light per 10 square feet, and from this you can expect to harvest up to 450 grams of bud.
Be sure to not overcrowd your grow space, though, as this will cause the plants to stretch for light. If cultivating Krystalica outdoors, be aware that cold and overcast conditions will negatively affect growth as she naturally prefers a hotter, sunnier climate. Fertilizers rich in nitrogen should be avoided, as should soil mixes with excessive levels of nitrogen. This strain exhibits heightened resistance to both pests and high temperatures and as such, can be a great choice for growers in more tropical climates who like to grow outdoors.
Less overwhelming than Mandala’s Satori strain, which can be too strong for a lot of smokers, Krystalica is a great smoke for people who are ready to wind down after a long day but still want a rush of creativity. This will satisfy even the hardened smokers with a high tolerance and can be a great sleep inducer for those with slightly less experience. This is a great sativa choice for medicinal marijuana users and the pineapple and bubble gum flavors make it a strain that you can easily smoke every day without getting bored.