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Almighty Seeds
Origins: African Sativa x U.S. #14 Sativa
Flowering: 56-63 days
Harvest: mid September
lionheartLionheart started with a surprise cross between African and U.S. genetics, which resulted in a plant that outperformed its garden mates by leaps and bounds. The breeder found the potency and the duration of the high to be superior to the other strains in development.
Best grown in pots or in a bucket setup, Lionheart is a natural multi-brancher intended for the outdoors even in northern climates like Canada. She requires little beyond basic care, and will outgrow any outdoor pests or competing bushes. She puts out long branches everywhere, each branch resembling a new plant. By harvest time there are worthy colas even at lower parts of the plant that get little light. Optimal yields can be obtained by spreading out her viney branches on a trellis. Lionheart’s roots grow extremely fast, although this plant’s cuttings are difficult to root. Buds are numerous, not rock hard but heavy, mold resistant and highly resinous. her fan leaves turn yellow in fall, allowing more light into the canopy and making manicuring easy.
When cured, Lionheart takes on a reddish brown color and has an incredibly long shelf life. Even buds that have been put aside in a box will stay sticky to the touch, breaking down into smaller nuggets rather than crumbling into dust. When fresh buds are crushed, fingers are left extremely sticky and the bud forms tight, stubborn little nuggets. the aroma resembles incense with a minimal green plant smell, and often overtakes the aroma of other strains in the room. When smoked as a pure joint or in a pipe, the buds burn very thick and slow, refusing to extinguish even when not being puffed. Spicy, appealing and intense, this high is a quality sativa, edifying to the mind and celebratory. This strain stands up to the test of time, continuing to deliver a good stone even with long-term regular use.