Madd Krush

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Madd Krush
Genetics Gone Madd
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Genetics: possibly Thai sativa genetics
Flowering: 14 weeks
THC: 19%
madd-krushGenetics Gone Madd is a breeder becoming more well known for his amazing looking indica dominant plant, Red Cross, which is a distant relative to the Madd Krush. The seeds from which this strain began were of an unknown sativa strain, possibly Thai, from Dan Christensen, who unfortunately passed away recently.
Interestingly enough, Madd Krush also shows blood-red pistils, although this coloring is much darker than the almost pink hues shown on Redd Cross. The colors seem to be a photogenic effect as this red is only expressed where the flowers are exposed to direct sunlight. Another trait shared with Redd Cross is the sturdiness of the plant; both the stalk and branches of this plant seem specifically designed to rival Arnie in bearing weights. Finishing fully in 14 weeks, this is a true sativa and does require some patience to let it reach its full maturity. This patience will be rewarded, however, with the dank, dank buds that you’ll get.
The dried buds of Madd Krush smell like Froot Loops with a taste to match, which is brilliant for anyone who misses that taste from childhood. The effect is a very cerebral one with a long duration. You’ll enjoy a very active focus, which is the complete opposite of the effect of a bowl of Froot Loops, as you already know.