Magic Bud

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Magic Bud
Paradise Seeds
Origins: sativa and indica strains
Flowering: 50 days
Harvest: mid October
magic-budMagic bud offers growers fast, easy cultivation and a balance of indica and sativa traits.Sativa strains generally produce an energetic cerebral high – thoughts speed up but also become more flexible, happier, less mired in habit and fear. indica stones often relax the body and amplify the senses, sometimes awakening the body’s natural appetites. The sought-after combination stone offered by this mixed strain is a good mental and physical lubricant for social or creative challenges.
Magic bud is a medium-sized plant with green velvet foliage. She grows a bit bushy and yields to her best potential when given space to branch. This variety ripens her magical flowers in only fifty days indoors, or mid-October outdoors in Holland. At maturity her branch tips swell with beautiful and aromatic resin-coated nugs. her sweet taste along with her fast yield and balanced stone can make Magic Bud a good staple strain for all kinds of growers.
Magic Bud produces a very sweet flower with a spice bouquet, which can tempt growers to snip off some of her yield prematurely. While motuhwatering, her odor is strong, and may require some masking. Once cured and dried, Magic Bud tastes sweet and is easy on the lungs and the mind, leaving behind the potent magical easy, that desired quality of a pleasing smoke when a creative and positive mental high is the desired effect.