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Mandala #1
Mandala Seeds
Origins: African Highland sativa x indica / sativa hybrid
Flowering: 55-60 days
mandala-1Mandala #1 is a good strain for a quick crop with a connoisseur sativa effect. The mother is a landrace strain from South Africa, and the father is a hybrid of New Zealand purple indicaand north Indian sativa. This highly adaptable variety works well in any growing media and can be grown indoors or outdoors where it fares best between the 35-38 degrees N latitudes. This international hybrid delivers resinous buds with an inspired high in under 9 weeks of flowering.
The Mandala #1 variety has two phenotypes. one third have a sativa structure and grow in a classic Christmas -tree shape, although the leaves resemble the indica-dominant phenotype, which grows more stout and forms a thick main stem. The indica pheno is shorter and branches close to the main stem, making it perfect for sea of green. both conform well to screen of green methods or other forms of training. The Mandala #1 phenotypes grow peacebly alongside one another indoors. Harvesting and cloning this plant is simple given its hardiness and high calyx-to-leaf ratio.
For outdoor growers in northern climates where harvesting by the end of September is a priority, Mandala #1 is an excellent choice. This hardy hybrid has been grown successfully in latitudes between 35-38 degrees N, even in difficult weather conditions in Canada, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe. The combination of robust landrace genetics produces early-flowering plants that beginners can grow. Mandala #1 is not fussy about feeding and does well with moderate feeding or with nothing but good horticultural grade potting soil to subsist on. Mandala Seeds always grows organically in soil and recommends these methods for those who want great flavors. One of their breeding goals is to ensure flexible and stable strains that can be raised indoors and withstand the stress of switching between artificial lighting and sunlight. It is possible to start your garden inside or in a greenhouse, and then move the plants outside for flowering.
As a young flowering plant, Mandala #1 has a perfumed woody-herbal fragrance when the stems are rubbed. Purplish leaf stems and light red stripes along shoots should not be mistaken for a nutrient deficiency. Despite the sativa dominance in the high, the bud structure is more indica-chunky, with a spear-shaped main bud of considerable length. The prime buds are coated with a thick layer of trichomes and glisten brightly with their magic promise. Some plants also develop beautiful dark purple calyxes during mid-flowering, a trait which they inherited from the New Zealand Purple Indica in the paternal line.
The Mandala #1 high spreads in euphoric waves of creative inspiration. It may start dreamy and a little spacey, but quickly settles into a relaxed and motivated sensation, with no racing-heart or other unpleasant side effects. This strain has the sweet fragrance of dried apples, and the purple plants also incorporate raspberry and a touch of fresh mint. This strain is suitable for regular medical use and shows its greatest applications for anxiety reduction and anti-depressive effect.