Medicine Man

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Medicine Man
Mr. Nice Seed Bank
Origins: Brazilian sativa x South Indian x Afghani
Flowering: 56-60 days
Harvest: early October
medicine-manA proven medical marvel, Medicine Man is ideal for those in need of high THC levels. This variety has a strong heritage stemming from the Brazilian and South Indian genetics of White Widow crossed with a prodigious yielding Afghani. Sibling to the award-winning White Rhino, Medicine Man is indica in appearance, with a sturdy Christmas tree formation and immense crystal production.
Buds are dense and solid with yellow and red hairs. This variety changes color to silver as it finishes. Those who prefer to grow indoors can expect an incredibly resinous, compact plant. Outdoor gardeners will find that Medicine Man can get large outside and will get even stronger resin under natural sunlight. Medicine Man is not easiest plant to get right but with love and attention, presents no real problems for the dedicated gardener. Mr. Nice Seed Bank recommends fertilizing conservatively for optimal results.
A proven champion for sick and terminally ill patients, the aptly named Medicine Man is serious stuff. Due to its heavy, sedating effect, you want to monitor your intake while toking, and especially when eating it in baked goods. This very strong, long-lasting buzz has proven effective for many conditions that benefit from cannabis, including anorexia, glaucoma, severe headaches, depression, AIDS and cancer / chemotherapy.