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Federation Seed Co.
Origins: Mikado x BC Kush
Flowering: 50 days
Harvest: early October
mikushFederation Seed’s Mikush is a Godzilla indica. Outdoors – ideally in a spot with lots of light and a dry breeze – Mikush’s huge, dark leaves convert solar energy into explosive growth, sometimes reaching 2 meters tall by 3 meters wide. Camouflage is a must. Indoors, Mikush needs big pots and plenty of room A heavy nutrient feed that would burn other plants only increases her power. She jumps ahead of other varieties in the seedling stage and finishes by dominating the grow room, supported by bamboo poles to prevent collapse.
Indoors or out, Mikush likes it bright, dry and breezy. Low humidity (55%) reduces any chance of mold in the superdense buds, and temperatures between 15 and 30 Celsius (60 to 85 F) will produce fat and happy plants, with 23 C (73 F) as optimal. The best outdoor results have come from the windy coasts of Northern California and Southern Washington. This strain loves to root: the bigger the root the bigger the plant, so Federation recommends big pots with staking when growing indoors. A Mikush with a big root mass generally grows larger sideways, forming a bush instead of a tree. her strong branches don’t mind being cloned. When given proper conditions, this plant will astound with its yields.
Mikush is reportedly as effective Spanish Fly, producing a physical tingle from head to toe and a relaxed receptivity that puts people in the mood. It also aids with pains or tensions with its deep body stone. Mikush’s smoke is smooth and caramel sweet. It has been praised by medical users for its astringent qualities that help relieve conditions such as asthma and glaucoma.