Moby Dick

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Moby Dick
Dinafem Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Genetics: Haze x White Widow
Flowering: 65-70 days
THC: 21%
moby-dickIn ten short years, Dinafem have risen to the top of the Spanish cannabis industry and don’t show any signs of letting up. Moby Dick is their most well known strain, a mix of fantastic Haze and White Widow genetics.
To get the very best out of your Moby Dick crop, it’s essential to give the plants a lot of light; the breeders recommend 800 watts per square yard, and lots of feeding, too. The pH should be lower than 6.5 at all times, or you riskiron deficiency in the plants. This will manifest in yellowing of the leaves, so be vigilant in checking your plants regularly and if the leaves start to yellow, adjust the pH accordingly. Outdoors, Moby Dick can grow to 10 feet if the plants are spaced 10 feet apart, and can harvest up to a massive 1500 grams in perfect conditions. Indoors, expect a flowering period of 60 to 70 days and a lighter yield than if grown outdoors.
Moby Dick is a particularly psychoactive and is a definite quick-hitter. You’ll be “up” almost instantly, and after a period of both mental and physical energy you’ll slide into a very chill, lengthy and enjoyable comedown.