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Magus Genetics
Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: Sensi Star x Warlock
Flowering: 50-60 days
Harvest: mid September
motavationMotavation may seem like an ironic name for this highly relaxing couch-lock strain, but the quality it calls to mind, one stoners are stereotyped for lacking, is not its origin. It is instead named for a favorite band of the Magus Genetics crew (see next page), a band who named themselves for mota, the Spanish word for pot. This strong indica will “mota-vate” smokers to put up their feet and take it easy for a while.
This strain’s indica / sativa mix can only be estimated since both parents have an uncertain or top secret ancestry, but Motavation’s stone and appearance confirm her indica-dominant genetics. Short and squat, this plant is a little leafy and shows moderate stretching at flowering. The copious resin on her leafy matter may put you in the mind to become more earth friendly and “recycle”.
This indoor plant is best suited as a multi-branch grower. her lateral growth is strong, sometimes even equalling growth on the main stem. Sea of green cultivation is also possible, using a short vegetative time. When vegetated for 4-5 weeks, plants will reach approximately 2.5 feet and yield about 80 grams apiece.
Motavation’s odor is strong and penetrating with a touch of petrochemical, like turpentine or fresh paint. The flavor is much softer and richer, a strong complexity of carbon and sweetness like sweet tobacco and raisins. The high starts in the head, as your thoughts wander off, soon followed by a deeply relaxing but not necessarily soporific body stone. the reduction of tension may be just what some people need to drift off, but even if it doesn’t make your eyes droop, it is not really a sensible day smoke choice. This variety may leave you couch locked and lost in your own thoughts. While it may awaken some interesting connections and inspire you, it is unlikely that you will be motivated to act on them until the mota has worn off.