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Greenthumb Seeds
Sativa 75 / Indica 25
Origins: Oaxacan sativa x Afghani indica
Flowering: 45-55 days
Harvest: mid October
niagaraSome traveling stories lie behind this variety. In formulating Niagara, Dr. Greenthumb collected seeds from Oaxaca in Mexico and Jalalabad, which is east of Kabul in Afghanistan. The Oaxacan strain posessed sweet, heavy-yielding buds with hardly a leaf. The smoke was also wonderfully potent, but the finish was suitable to its Mexican homeland rather than eastern coast of Canada. When combined with the Afghani strain that was accustomed to temperate latitudes, the resultant variety retained the lovely, clear and alert high and minimal foliage, but easily finished outdoors at 43 degrees latitude.
Named Niagara to conjure an association with its Canadian birthplace, this variety has been selectively bred over the decades for shorter height and earlier finish. This is a dark green plant with dark colored buds and a full-bodied flavor reminiscent of the Canadian forests where it can happily dwell. Besides being a reliable outdoor plant, Niagara will grow in an indoor setup using hydro or soil methods. The high flower-to-leaf ratio makes this a breeze to manicure upon finish.