NL x Apollo G13

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NL x Apollo G13
Biotops / Queen Seeds
Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Apollo G13 x Northern Light
Flowering: 60-65 days
nl-apollo-g13The Apollo G13 mother is a sativa from the US. northern Light is a 50% Afghan, 50% Thai mix combining genetics from Holland and the US. In this cross Biotops / Queen Seeds made their selections in Holland to produce a versatile variety that has won awards in both indoor and outdoor cup categories in Europe.
The Northern Light x Apollo G13 grows best outdoors in Mediterranean climates where it will finish by mid-October if started in mid-July. Depending on how intense the sun or lighting is, plants that enter flowering when they are a foot tall (30-35 sm) will finish between 6-9 feet (2-3 meters). This is a cooperative plant indoors, where it shows good resistance to pests and maintains satisfying yields even when conditions fluctuate. it can be grown in hydro or soil and does well in a sea of green setup because it is a compact plant. There is little branching, and the branching that it forms stays short. Because of its growth pattern, Northern Light x Apollo G13 looks like a skinny pine tree, but more importantly, forms a huge central bud. Biotops recommends planting 12 plants per square meter in sea of green for yields about an ounce per plant. Multi-branch indoor plants may take up more space and yield an average of just under two ounces per plant. The plants have a short to medium gain in stretching size, and the smell is discreet as long as the temps don’t range too high.
The Northern Light x Apollo G13 buds have a compact structure that forms pyramids of green with a lot of resin gain and hairs that darken to brown by maturity. the leaves vary from slender to a more hybrid medium, and the colors are intense to clear green depending on the fertilization routine. One trick for big yields: this variety likes its PK, so be generous. hash fans will find this strain can make some primo hash stash.
The Northern Light x Apollo G13 strain is a no-nonsense, connoisseur strain that can be appreciated by beginners, therapeutic smokers, and seasoned tokers alike. This smell has a critic spice with a hazy edge, while more sweet and floral notes come through in the flavor. The high is clear with a fast approach. The long lasting Zen mind state extends to relaxation in the body, with therapeutic applications for muscle relaxation. If harvesting is prolonged until the 10th week, the higher CBD and CBN accumulation create a stronger sedative effect that works well for insomnia.
1st prize at the 2005 Cannabis Champions Cup in the Outdoor category
2nd prize in the 2008 Highlife Cannabis Cup Barcelona in the Hydro category