NL x Bubblegum

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NL x Bubblegum
Dr. Atomic
Origins: Northern Lights x Bubblegum
Flowering: 49-60 days
Harvest: late October
northern-lights-bubblegumNorthern Lights x Bubble Gum (NL x BG) is 50 percent of each parent and 100 percent indica strain. it has retained the stability and hardiness of the Northern Lights strains, and inherited the sweet smell of Bazooka Joe responsible for parent Bubble Gum’s name.
Plants are medium-sized with tight, small nuggets that appear at multiple sites to give a yield potential between 90-120 g per plant indoors, and up to a pound per plant when grown to a fully-branched plant under the sun. NL x BG grows a thick collection of hairs that turn amber as the buds mature. Flowering is rapid, with a finishing time between 7-9 weeks. This plant responds well to the photoperiod of the Northern hemisphere, making it a good guerilla garden variety in many temperate climates.
Northern Lights x Bubble Gum produces heavy, lethargic body stone that is made for sweet dreams. Although it is good for sleeping, it can also result in a relaxed but thoughtful high. Dr. Atomic recommends this variety for all maladies.