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Short Stuff Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Auto Flowering Sativa
Genetics: AK-47 x White Russian x NYC Diesel x Unknown strain
Harvest: 10 weeks from seeds
THC: 18%
onyxBeing a person of diminutive height, I feel like Short Stuff Seeds are the company for me. A lot of taller people have the same feeling though, which I’m sure has a lot more to do with the breeding collective’s high grade strains like Himalaya Blue Diesel than any feeling of solidarity with us shorties. In the few years that they’ve been working together, the enthusiasts at Short Stuff have been primarily working with ruderalis genetics to create a range of auto flowering plants, and with Onyx, they’ve created and auto flowering sativa dominant hybrid that brings together some of the best strains of recent times. AK-47 and White Russian, both from Serious Seeds, and Soma Seeds‘ NYC Diesel have been brought together by breeder Stitch and then crossed with a secret ruderalis influenced plant to ensure taste, potency and vigor, all in an autoflowering plant. I can see why the tall people like them.
The trend with most auto flowering plants is for them to be indica dominant, and though Onyx may look like it is small enough to be an indica, it is in fact sativa dominant. Growing only to around 3 feet in height, this taming of the normal sativa growth pattern is great news for indoor growers who want the sativa high from a more compact grow. However, it is important to keep the lights close to the seedlings when they’re in thevegetative stage so as not to encourage stretch. The plants grow fat with branching but don’t become difficult to maintain, and as their maturation is genetically determined, you can be harvesting between 25 and 50 grams of sick bud per plant within 10 weeks from seed.
When harvest time rolls around, you’ll notice a distinctly Skunk-esque smell about your grow room, so be sure to take extra measures to contain that telltale aroma: carbon filters and ventilation to an inconspicuous area usually do the trick. Onyx fares particularly well in a soil grow that’s been treated with good quality additives, but remember if you are using nutrients that you should flush for at least a week before harvest to get the best taste possible.
Though there is some indica influence in this plant, the smoke is all sativa. The light smoke has a fruity taste that’s also citrusy in places and gets more and more complex as you toke. The high is a medium-strong “up”, one that’s very clear; a good choice for a daytime smoke if you have to actually do things rather than just bouncing around like Tigger on ADHD meds.