Oregon Pinot Noir

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Oregon Pinot Noir
Stoney Girl Gardens
Sativa 80 / Indica 20
Origins: Hawaiian Purple Kush x Pit Bull
Flowering: 38-45 days
oregon-pinot-noirThis variety was bred among the grapes of one of the most respected Pinot Noir vineyards in Oregon. It gets its name from where it was bred as well as the purple color of its stems and buds and the sophisticated grape aspect of its flavor. Vine-like and tropical, this plant is well suited for outdoor grows in the Pacific Northwest or similar climates – that is, moderate with plenty of rain.
Indoors, the Oregon Pinot Noir is amazingly versatile. The mother is a Purple Kush from the Hawaiian Islands. This mother was truly a traditional girl, bred from 1972 Panama Red and Columbian Gold parents. She was brought from Hawaii to Oregon and then crossed with Stoney Girl Gardens’ Pit Bull. The Pit Bull genetics reduced time to harvest and also helped the plant acclimate to its cooler home off the island. As a result, this durable cross can finish in a quick 6 weeks of blooming, remarkably fast for a strain that is sativa-dominant in effects.
Pinot Noir grows long and lanky, reaching 6-7 feet at finish. outdoors, this plant has been grown as tall as 15 feet, with per-plant yields averaging in multiple pounds. The growth pattern of the Pinot Noir is more like a spider plant than a typical tree structure, getting wider than it is tall and forming bottom branches very low on the plant. Its abundant arms form many colas with close nodes. As such, Pinot Noir is best as a multi-branch plant in soil and works well in a screen of green setup. Because of its bendable, vine-like branching, this strain can be trained to a lattice or grown as a low-profile plant that blends with the surrounding scenery. It is also ideal for raised beds or container gardening. In most indoor gardening scenarios, it doesn’t hurt to stake this plant’s pliable branches to create a more orderly canopy, but the branches are sturdy enough to stand on their own.
Gardeners who take pleasure in color variation will enjoy this plant’s purple tones. The stems tint to a faint purple that deepens as the plant ages. The bright tones of the thin sativa leaves fade to purple. The Pinot Noir buds are bright and long, with wispy-haired pistils that are typical of Hawaiian strain. They start as little white fluffs that develop into dense, purple golf balls forming chains up the stem. Plants can easily produce 4-5 ounces per plant in an indoor grow with good methods.
Oregon Pinot Noir tastes like sweet grape with an edge of haze. it has retained delicious tropical qualities, adding notes of melon, nuts, candy, and earthy honey. Although sativa-dominant, this strain has a noticeable body effect, which can enhance pleasures and even serve as an aphrodisiac, but may trigger couchlock or cause mental wandering at larger doses.Overall it is a lingering mellow eyedroop high best saved for an evening smoke since its stonier, sleepier side may turn wake-and-bake into naptime or interfere with the day’s motivations.