Original Misty

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Original Misty
Homegrown Fantaseeds
Origins: Misty x Misty
Flowering: 49-63 days
Harvest: mid October
original-mistyThe Original Misty earns her name from the mist of THC glands that grace her buds and leaves like a dewy carpet. This plant is well-adapted to indoor techniques, producing a consistently high yield that averages a gram of bud per watt of light, even for beginning gardeners. Hydroponic or soil methods are both suitable for this all-indica original. While not suitable for Dutch climate, Original Misty may find success in the great outdoors if grown in arid mediterranean-type climates.
This variety delivers fat buds with a gourmet taste and sweet aroma. Original Misty has an enviable degree of uniformity in growth patterns, making her very happily suited to a sea of green planting method, where plants can be placed closely, improving the yield per square meter. Given her genetic tendency toward bushiness, this plant will also make a good larger plant with multiple branches.
Original Misty offers a pacifying high. Smoke this stoney weed when you don’t plan on leaving the couch for much more than a trip to the kitchen for snacks. This is also great weed for the hash fan or ganja chef, since the kief will be plentiful and process well into butter or other cooking products.