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Tree Town Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
75% Sativa / 25% Indica
Genetics: (Northern Lights x AK-47) x AK-47
Flowering: 56-65 days
Yield: 580 grams per square meter
THC: 14-21%
ozoneTree Town Breeders are a brilliantly named US-based company currently providing high quality seeds to the medical marijuana community in San Francisco. They’re also producing some great strains and have been doing for the last few years, so it’s high times that got some recognition for their hard work and the great success they’ve been having with their varieties. Created back in 2009 but not introduced until 2011, Ozone was born of a Sensi Seeds Northern Lights #1 plant which got romantic with an AK-47 from Serious Seeds. This plant had a very strong hazelnut flavor, and was backcrossed into itself when the right mother plant was found. Developed as a “big bud” plant, Ozone hit all the targets that the breeders had aimed for: size, THC content and a flowering time of 60 days or less. It couldn’t have been more perfect.
There are two phenotypes currently expressed from Ozone, one known as the cherry pheno and the other known as the monster phenol. The cherry phenol retains the nutty flavor of its mother but has a taste that wanders into berry country, and so was nicknamed cherry by the breeders. The monster pheno, on the other hand, concerns itself less with taste but more with some insane growth, resulting in a huge side and and a great bud-to-leaf ratio. The breeder’s recommendation for both phenotypes is to let them grow naturally, as they’ve been bred to have a fantastic structure enabling them to hold their own weight even towards the end of flowering. Bugs are also a non-issue, thanks to the resistance of the Northern Lights genetics, and the flowering time is just under 60 days, so mold shouldn’t get to take hold either. One important breeder tip is to invest in a 30x microscope, as the trichomes will go milky and be finished before the stigmas die, so it is best to harvest around 55 days, when 80s of the stigmas are still cloudy. Yield should be around 550 grams per square meter of grow room.
The high of both phenotypes is very social and uplifting, although the uninitiated smoker might find themselves dropping to the floor and being a little too overwhelmed to get up! Remember when toking that the AK-47 parent strain is named for its ability to get you totally shot with only a few tries, so take it easy when you first pack a bowl. However, with the right amount this is an amazing strain for socializing and it keeps you on the go for as long as you’d like, so go easy and you’ll have a great trip!