Pablo’s Cheese

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Pablo’s Cheese
Cannaseur Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
mostly Sativa
Genetics: Colombian Godbud x The Cheese
Flowering: 10-121 weeks
THC: 20%
pablos-cheeseBritish company Cannaseur Seeds have certainly raised the bar with this strain. The Colombian Godbud genetics that form the basis for this strain were collected by the breeders back in 2002 on their travels in the north of Colombia, at great risk to the breeders. Godbud is an extreme equatorial sativa, never hybridized, which takes upwards of 18 weeks from the start of the flowering period to fully mature. The other parent, The Cheese, was cut from an original UK clone mother and has been grown by the Cannaseur breeders for many years. The resulting Pablo’s Cheese was such a success that in 2009, the project to create a population of F2s was undertaken. These buds are 75% sativa in growing style and 80% sativa in smoke.
Generations of rigorous selection have made Pablo’s Cheese very resistant to mold, so she can be taken through wet periods in an outdoor grow without any problems, and is great indoors as well. Outdoors, this strain will make the most of the extra room and fresh air, blooming into a gorgeous plant that will be the envy of any other backyard growers. Though the plants will be smaller and more tame indoors, they will still display phenomenal growth. The taller phenotypes of this strain can have larger internodal spacing than all the others, so be sure to keep your lights close to these plants in theseedling and vegetative stages to avoid any unnecessary stretch that would make them even leggier. If you do find yourself with a plant that is a little large for your indoor grow space, these ladies can respond well to LST. The breeders strongly recommend that this strain should not be subjected to any chemicals, so an organic soil grow is best. It’s important to be aware that, as a Cheese strain, this one will stink up your whole house near harvest time. Invest in some good filters and ensure good ventilation if you don’t want the cops from the next county knocking on your door.
Each different expression in the F2 generation of Pablo’s Cheese differs slightly, but all offer and energetic, positive, dreamy high that is definitely felt above the shoulders. The fine, Skunky, cheesy taste is delicious, and the high hits hard from the first intake. Be aware that the effects are very deep and long lasting, so plan ahead: settle in with a new video game and a mini fridge full of treats and fruit – and remember to keep it within arm’s length! This is a connoisseur’s strain through and through, and even experienced growers will love to cultivate Pablo.