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Seed Bank: A.C.E. Seeds

Genetics: 100% sativa

Panama combines 3 excellent sativas from Panama. It is one of the most popular, powerful and high yielding sativa in our catalogue.

Very elaborated hybrid of great potency and vegetative vigor. It produces beautiful, large, dense flowers full of trichomes, often showing reddish and pinkish pistils when flowering, traits usually associated with the mythic Panama Red and Colombia Punto Rojo strains.

Panama is probably the best american pure sativa hybrid bred in the last 15 years.

Its aroma and effect are reminiscent of the best Colombian and Panama Red sativas from the 70’s.

Sativa 100%
Origins Semi stabilized F8-F10 hybrid between 3 Panama sativa strains
Flowering 9 - 12 weeks
THC 18 - 23 %