Pineapple Funk

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Pineapple Funk

Seed Bank: Holy Smoke Seeds

Genetics: 75% Sativa 25% Indica

Hawaiian Pine x The Real McCoy

True Hawaiian pineapple skunk with huge foxtail buds that will amaze even the seasoned among you. Very large yields, as at week five, these ladies fill all available space and at week eight, just seem to go overboard.

Leaning more towards the sativa side of the force, they just keep swelling like elephant trunks taking up water but in return they reward you with a huge harvest of overripe smelling pineapple buds the length of your arm!

Inclined to induce the munchies and red eyes, this is old school pot with a twist.

Indica 25%
Sativa 75%
Origins Hawaiian Pine x The Real McCoy
Flowering 70 days