Pineapple Punch

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Pineapple Punch
Flying Dutchmen
Sativa 70 / Indica 30
Origins: Real McCoy x Skunk #1
Flowering: 63-70 days
Harvest: late October
pineapple-punchThe Flying Dutchmen’s popular Real McCoy strain crosses a Hawaiian indica with Skunk #1. Real McCoy is backcrossed with its Skunk parent to produce Pineapple Punch. Interestingly, this hybrid expresses two distinct phenotypes. One is a more “sativa” pattern – tall and rangy with thin leaves and widely spaced internodes; the other is a more “indica” growth pattern, with medium-size, wider leaves, closer nodes and a slightly stronger bouquet and yield. Growers will know by the vegetative phase which trait package to expect from their plants. Both phenotype produce the citrus taste and cerebral, active stone of their Real McCoy mother.
Outdoors, Pineapple Bouquet grows fairly tall with lime-colored leaves, large bracts and golden pistils. Indoors, the Dutchmen recommend growing Pineapple Punch from clones either at 12-16 plants per square meter (1-2 per square foot) unpruned or at 6-9 per square meter (1 plant per square foot), pruned once. Removing lower branches channels light and energy to the tops of the plants. Flying Dutchmen prefers soil cultivation with a 12/12 light-cycle and low to medium regimen of organic nutrients, but hydro cultivation is acceptable too. No nutrients should be applied for at least 10 days before harvest.
Pineapple Punch’s buds are medium-dense and loaded with sugary fruity resin. her high terpene levels preserve her inviting taste and smell after water extraction, although dry sieving gives the best results. While both phenotypes offer a smooth pineapple / grapefruit smoke, the sativas have a sweet lavender undertone while the indicas are stronger and more grapefruit-astringent.
Pineapple Punch’s tropical spell is likely to leave you giddy. this is great upbeat high that brings on talkativeness and lots of grinning. A terrific accompaniment to an outdoor concert or a walk in nature, Pineapple Punch encourages a sunny perspective and offers a pick-me-up for recreational afternoons.